The pinetum


Pinetum: unique and rare

In the mid-nineteenth  century, thanks to his love of plants, and a prophetic intuition, the lawyer  Giuseppe Gaeta began to plant  a rare species of tree on the grounds surrounding the Villa. In particular he planted conifers which he had sent to him from all over the world.

As a consequence what today is known as the Pinetum of Moncioni was born. It is a park measuring about three hectares,  situated in a little known valley on the Arno Valley slopes of the Monti del Chianti , on the ridge that separates the province of   Arezzo from the province of Siena at circa 500 above sea level.

The conifers of the  Pinetum are a veritable botanic collection. Here one can find the first example brought to Italy in 1858 of the Pseudotzuga Menziesi, better known as the Douglas fir. It was this tree in particular that Gaeta wanted to plant.